2/12/2013 10:59:48 am

What's cookin' my friend? :p

Simon Palmer
2/23/2013 04:31:17 pm

Hi Lin

My fb page is dedicated to OPPT.

Simon Palmer [Liphook]...... Send me a friend request :)

Meanwhile, here's all the info you will need to follow OPPT:


Stef Coburn
2/28/2013 09:41:02 am

Hi Lin,

I've had similar lifelong 'feelings' about the supposedly 'set in stone' 'way of the World'. I've also, much as you describe, looked, in many cases quite extensively, into all the various 'alternative' realities you mention.

I have done so, of course, since long before even the notion, let alone the reality of 'the internet' became respectable conversational subject-matter in wider society, let alone grew into the fantastically powerful World-changing reality it now is. With the information sources and mediums of dissemination and discussion now commonly available to any and all interested parties, my enquiries, as, no doubt, with your own, into the hidden realities of the World were given wings.

In similar manner to that which you describe, I first encountered 'Project Camelot', (which despite Kerry Cassidy's persistently pre-loaded 'leading' questions has nevertheless unearthed some fascinating 'testimonies' from a diverse array of people we might otherwise never have heard of); David Wilcock (whom I have to say impresses me somewhat less than he seems to you); 'Drake' (who started out 'talking a good game' which regrettably so far shows little sign of materialising); Ben Fulford (to whom until shown otherwise, I am presently minded to pay more attention) and by frequently mentioned extension, Neil Keenan (about whom I presently know very little). As with you, this progression has been subjected to my own process of critical screening, in that, whilst not myself having 'sources' in 'intelligence' and/or 'diplomatic' 'communities' to draw on for anything resembling the informed in-depth, up-to-the-minute, down-to-the-wire analysis which certain others claim, I am nevertheless capable of applying a broad general knowledge of science and World history, and my observations of same, going back several decades, to the task of evaluating which (if indeed any at all) of the variously alleged plots, phenomena, socio-economic revolutions and/or past or impending cataclysmic events which appear to form by far the largest component of the aggregate content of 'alternative media' either have happened, are presently happening, or seem at all likely to happen.

I try, though it is sometimes hard not to, not to allow myself to get inordinately 'carried away' with enthusiasm for anything I hear, no matter how reflexively 'heartstopping', or however much I may wish it to be the truth. So it is with the 'news' of the OPPT 'filings'. I very very much hope that what we are being told is first, true at all, and second, that it has, in reality, the huge and beneficial consequential significance for all of us, which is so freely, baldly and possibly irresponsibly alleged. Whilst, I am prepared to believe that owing to a degree of historical complacency which the powers that be/allegedly-were could, until relatively recently, have reasonably allowed themselves, there may well be any number of theoretically-legal, obscurely arcane 'technicalities' inherent in their own rules and procedures which clever, knowledgeable, courageous/foolhardy people might use to throw an occasional conceptual 'spanner' in the works,

With 'possession' remaining 'nine-tenths of the law' however, what power on Earth is going to persuade any of the present 'kings of the castle' to concede even an iota of their jealously-guarded inherited or otherwise ill-gotten power and privilege to any of the growing legion of common rascals protesting at the palace gates?

Remember, for one thing, who it is that owns all the guns in our postage stamp of a country..

If it turns out that we are, for whatever reason or purpose, being 'had' it would be in very poor taste indeed and might even be perceived as 'soul-crushing' to those who more readily or naively ascribe significance to easily touted (but far less easily substantiated) 'good' news..


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